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A World of Natural Care Awaits You

Immerse yourself in the world of Soaps My and discover a range of natural and artisanal care products. From our delicately handcrafted soaps to our enriching body treatments, each collection tells a unique story of beauty and well-being.

Choose from a variety of formulas designed to pamper your skin, while respecting the environment.

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Our Creations

Radiant Hair: The Essence of Solid Care

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Artisanat Pur : Chaque Création, un Trésor


Pure Craftsmanship: Each Creation, a Treasure

At Savoirs My, craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's our soaps, body care, shampoos or bath products, each item is handcrafted with exceptional care and attention. We craftsmanship your passion and expertise into every product, ensuring not only superior quality, but also a unique experience for you.

It's our way of celebrating the beautiful, the natural and the authentic in every daily gesture.


Green by Nature: Our Ecological Commitment

Our love for the planet is reflected in every product. At Savoirs My, we adopt an eco-responsible approach. Our formulas are designed to be gentle on your skin and the Earth, an authentic eco-friendly approach every step of the way.

100% québécois : Racines Locales, Rayonnement Global

100% Québécois

Proudly Quebecois: Local Roots, Global Outreach

Soaps My perfectly embodies the province of Quebec: natural, authentic and community. By favoring local resources, we celebrate the abundance of our province and strengthen the local economy. Our passion ? Share with you, and throughout Canada, the best of our Quebec know-how.

  • "I have rosacea and your soap helped my skin immensely. I tried lots of things before and my skin was ugly, all red with rosacea. My God, I didn't think your soap was miraculous."

    - Karine

  • "I bought a set for my mom and the products are superb and the quality is incredible. I ordered more soaps and the whipped butter for myself. The products are amazing. I love it."

    - Lea

  • “Having purchased from different companies, this is my favorite.”


  • “Wow for your products I think I fell in love.”

    - Carole-Anne