Who is behind Savons My?

I am Ariane, mother of 3 children (Oxalie, Alix and Élixiam). I love Quebec products and I am passionate about ecology. You may also know me as the owner of Vert Mignon.

I started working at Savoirs My alongside Mylène, the first owner, in September 2019. Together, we created new products (specialized solid shampoos and conditioners, foaming bath salts, softening bath teas, hand creams and moisturizing body and hand lotions, etc.), thought of a new image for Savons My and, through all his projects, we had a lot of fun with each other.
During 2022, Mylène decided to return to work in her field of study. She still worked with us here and there, but she let me manage a lot of the company. In December 2022, she announced to me that she wanted to sell Savons My and thus devote herself fully to her new job and her family. So I saw it as a great opportunity to buy the company and thus take on a great challenge. January 2023 will therefore have been a springboard to launch myself 100% into my new business!!