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Effervescent bath bomb

Effervescent bath bomb

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  • Artisanal Production
  • Made in Quebec
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Size: approximately 135 g

Effervescent bath bombs color the bath water without leaving dark circles. As they contain oil, they can make the bottom of the bath slightly slippery. Not recommended for people with precarious vaginal balance.

- Citrus: essential oils of tangerine, orange and a little hint of rosemary for a refreshing and invigorating sensation
- Pineapple-mango: sweet, fruity and tropical fragrance oil
- NEW Baies en Folies: fruity and sweet scented oil of small wild fruits
- Cotton candy: sweet and delicious scented oil just like the candy
- LIMITED EDITION Bonbon melon: scented oil reminiscent of melon bubble gum
- NEW Tropical Cocktail: mango and pomegranate scented oil reminiscent of Southern cocktails
- Coco-lime: tropical and captivating perfumed oil reminiscent of holidays in the South
- Eucalyptus and spearmint: fresh and velvety scented oil, rather masculine
- Orange blossom: sweet and floral fragrance oil
- Sweet Strawberry: Fruity and sweet fragrance oil like a strawberry dessert
- Blue Raspberry: scented oil reminiscent of blue slush
- Raspberry & vanilla: fruity and slightly sweet fragrance oil
- Lavender: relaxing and floral essential oil
- NEW Sweet lemonade: fruity and slightly sweet scented oil
- Delicious Melon: Fresh and sweet fragrance oil with a blend of mangoes, papayas and melons
- Nautique (men's collection): perfumed oil reminiscent of a men's perfume
- LIMITED EDITION Island Nectar: ​​fruity and light fragrance oil
- Gourmet peach: fruity and sweet scented oil like peach cream
- Unicorn Pet: Sweet and fruity fragrance oil with a blend of strawberries, peaches and sweet treats
- Succulent Pear: Sweet and Fruity Fragrance Oil
- Crunchy Apple: fruity and fresh fragrance oil
- Smurfs Pouf: fruity and sweet fragrance oil with a blend of raspberries, orange and lemon with a little vanilla
- Vanilla: sweet scented oil reminiscent of a gourmet dessert

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, Dead Sea salts, cornstarch, white clay, avocado oil, shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil(s) OR fragrance oil, flowers or leaves (option), coloring.

Shelf life: 6 months. Store in a dry place.

Biodegradable packaging.

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