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Solidarity liquidation

By choosing items from this collection, you're not only getting a great deal, but you're also doing your part to help. 100% of the profits from this section will be generously donated to a cause, an organization, a group or a person that is close to my heart.

Focus 2023

All profits this year will be used to support my 14-year-old daughter , Oxalie Bédard. Passionate and determined, Oxalie will represent the Perez de Mercier Karate Center at the 2nd So-kyokushin World Championship in Japan in November.
With 8 years of diligent practice and her black belt earned in 2021, she is ready to impress in kumite (combat).

Why are these items on clearance?

Whether it is an incorrect color, a slightly different format or other small imperfections , these products remain perfectly usable . They are ideal for personal use, perhaps a little less aesthetically perfect for a gift.

To note

Our effervescent magic powders, added here to provide extra help, are in perfect condition. By opting for these products, you combine solidarity and economy while offering you Soaps My quality.